Zabar’s coffee


I was recently gifted a bag of Zabar’s wonderful coffee by a fellow coffee lover. She swears by the blend saying it was a nice smooth cup, with great taste.

Zabar’s is a supermarket food market in New York, While I have never been to the store myself, I do love good food with attention being paid to quality, and this coffee is no different. A true checker board roost with half the bash being darker roast with a little oil visible, and the rest being slightly dryer and more of a medium roast.


I’ve tried it as both a drip be, and a French press… Both good. But the true surprise was the espresso… It floored me, by being both strong and smooth. A pretty clean mouthful with a bright acidity that wasn’t too overpowering, just enough to make it taste fresh. If you are looking got a great coffee at a reasonable price this is s nice change if pace blend!

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