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Google Music Grows up

  No longer in Beta, Google has announced an update to their Google Music Service. Here is the breakdown. The service will …

CaffiNation 506: Zombie Fun


It has been quite a week, and quite a day around these parts. Lots of things getting done, but not a lot of news on one of our favorite topics. Coffee is like that some days there is a ton of stuff to talk about, others…. not so much. We have a bunch of Halloween themed stories to bring back from the dead, and some fun gadgets and news to discuss join us!

Siri – Then and Now

Siri is the new Apple personal  assistant, voice recognition app. It can do so many things, and apparently one of them is …

The passing of a giant

Steve Jobs died on October 5th 2011, at the age of 56. The news of which broke not an hour before we …

The Golden Ratio of Apple

I love design, especially good design. And Apple has been a part of some great design in the past 30 years, other …

Google Music

Can you hear the music? Well now it lives in the cloud. This isn’t just talking to angels, a stairway to heaven …

Caffination Episode 487: Recovery


What is on the docket for this evening? We are all hit with Lunch truck evny, learning to chew bubblegum all over again, and of course we hit some fantastic coffee news. but beyond all those things we are getting ready to run an awesome contest for a free copy of Duke Nukem Forever! Make sure you listen in to find out how to enter! You’ll win the game and be in on the early fun!

CaffiNation 460: Spooky Fun


So we have a very dense show tonight, a little on the heavy side with privacy concerns and why a program allowing amateur hacking is a good thing in the long run, as well as some utterly and completely silly nonsense. It all depends on what part of geek culture you hail from but i seriously think we have all of our bases covered on today’s show. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

This is my world you’re all just drinking my coffee.

CaffiNation 459: Troubles


Today we discuss everything from Apples, to Apple, Coffee to Hobbies, and Why the Math defeated the germans. We also return to a security discussion from before as well as a couple of other fun tidbits along the way.