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It has been quite a week, and quite a day around these parts. Lots of things getting done, but not a lot of news on one of our favorite topics. Coffee is like that some days there is a ton of stuff to talk about, others…. not so much. We have a bunch of Halloween themed stories to bring back from the dead, and some fun gadgets and news to discuss join us!

Tonight’s  show has a fun new segment. Taste Test! Tonight we’re doing Wired Waffles! Thanks so much to the fine folks for sending these bits of tasty joy in. Full review article to follow the show. And we are Also pulling a giveaway! A gamers roundup of sorts. All of the entries in the past three contests are entered to win. We will be pulling the Winner for NBA2K12 tonight. With our review to follow early next week. A full Show.  Remember  Live taping of the Caffination is every  Wednesday  at 9:30 EST At

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