ATLAS: Performance Professional Comes to Socks by Ministry of Supply — Kickstarter

I never thought of performance when it comes to dress socks. They are usually just the sock of last resort in the drawer. because frankly they don’t seem to do a good job of anything as a whole. Enter the Ministry of Supply, a small start-up out of MIT that focuses on making high performance and highly technical dress apparel for men. As a small design based aside. I absolutely love their logo and the name. But that’s a story for another website.

These socks have Coffee DNA. ATLAS is woven with carbonized coffee that acts like a filter for your feet, keeping them dry, cool and smell free. I always knew that coffee was a filtering agent, perfume houses use jars of coffee to clear the air much like baking soda, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the bean being woven into the fabric.  And sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Rather than explain why this works or even attempt a how i’ll leave you with the wonderful graphics from the Ministry of Supply.

Currently still on the Kickstarter phase fo the product launch after the very successful debut of their other clothing products, Performance pants, Shirts and dress shirts (none of which have coffee in their fabrics, but it doesn’t make them any less awesome!)

Now since I got the fitbit this past fall I walk on average 6 miles a day, so I am loving that cushioning and support are built into the socks as well. This whole product head to literal toe is designed around the foot, not just for the foot.

Head on over to check out the  ATLAS: Performance Professional Comes to Socks by Ministry of Supply on Kickstarter.