There are many problems in a coffee drinking tech’s life. One of them is particularly egregious. Cold coffee, or at least coffee not at your optimal consuming temperature. We could do an entire article, and perhaps we will all about what temperature you like to drink / refuse to drink coffee. but as any working stiff can  attest  you make a fresh steaming cup of coffee let it sit for a minute only to get called away to do work elsewhere. Come back an hour later and your Piping hot beverage has lost its tune as well as its temperature.

I’m a if its still liquid I’ll drink it kind of a fellow, but that is for coffee the commodity, coffee the hobby needs to be hot, and not scalding.

What happens when your coffee goes cold? Do you put it in the Microwave and Nuke it? I’m not a fan of nuking anything, so no. After that your reheat options are limited to hope for a hot day, call for superman and stare really hard trying to activate electrons.

Enter the Boog Coffee Warmer. This device is still only a concept, but through the power of SCIENCE! it rewarmifies your beverage to a goodly temperature. I for one welcome this newest addition to the fight against temperate temperatures.

We have already seen what Science can do for  Keeping  Coffee Hot, and Beer cold with the  Stein  of Science

Boog Coffee Warmer by Jung Eun Park » Yanko Design.