Cafenoia: That  sickening  feeling that things are not as they should be. Everyone has that well meaning and caffeine  sensitive  relative  that likes to dope the family all up on that filthy placebo  decaf. Sure they have their reasons, and yes their intentions are good. But the road to many a dark place is paved with so called “good intentions”

And Cafenoia affects those of us who have things to do places to go and people to chat up. These things happen with a lot less joy, energy and feeling when running on fumes. Is Coffee an addiction? Hell yes it is, an addiction to great tasting, productivity  enhancing  wonderfulness.

Cafenoia: A condition in which the coffee lover constantly worries that the coffee is decaf.

More Coffee Words, and more lunchtime sketches. We are aiming to continue the series. I hope other people are finding them as fun as I did making them.

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