Proof that drinking CAN make you smarter, and even a bit more irrational. Stare deep into the equations long enough and I’ve hear you can see the meaning of the universe… or at least 4 different answers. These glasses from Uncommon goods are full of irrational concepts… and numbers. Try to figure them out if you dare… or you could click read more and get the cheat sheet. I know I did, and I’ve only had coffee today.

Set of 4 for $38.00… not too bad, at least THAT number is rational.

Cheat Sheet:
√2 (Pythagoras’s constant, the square root of two) – 1.414 oz.
φ (Phi, the golden ratio) – 1.618 oz.
Ï€ (Pi) – 3.14 oz.
e (Euler’s Number) – 2.718 oz.

I knew I’d see you here

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