If your house is anything like mine than the person with the best nose gets the job of milk checker. And not unlike  feudal  Europe  this  poison  checker also has to drink first. Having a young kid in the house means tons of milk goes through our fridge doors, but not always in a timely manner. Just like everything else in this world when something is really bad, ie chunky and stinky, its very easy to point it out, but when things are only a little bad you might suffer from bad milk in your ceral.

Enter this wonderful little concept. A Milk jug that actually tests the pH in the milk to see if its good, bad or empty. No plans yet on  making  this piece of awesome come to market but I’d love to  relinquish  my noses’ job in the early AM, nothing sets the tone to a day like a nostril full of sour milk I’ll tell you.

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