The Kicker Tea Tumbler is an interesting idea for tea consumers. The  premise  is simple enough. Drop in loose tea, Of which i am a huge fan, and then top it with boiling or near boiling water. cap it off and enjoy.

The strainer at the top of the clear tumbler allows you to sip with reckless abandon. And While I like the idea in theory I have a couple of design suggestions for the fine folks at Kicker Studio. Not Glass, in fact anything but glass. while pretty this thing will shatter when it’s lovely shape is dropped. this is a travel mug, you could go with glass  lined  clear plexiglass and be ok.

The technology in the thing is pretty cool, hourglass style flip on one end to infuse the tea, flip on the other side to drink with a lovely timer located in the end cap. I’m not convinced that the tea basket will provide adequete infusion however. Tea balls are immersed in the water and the IngenuiTEA, from Adagio has a mesh screen for a housing. The design seems to lack the flow to make good tea.

I do laud them for coming up with a wonderful system as a whole. And overall I love the design and I really do hope to see this in the Tea World some day.

Tea Tumbler by Kicker Studio » Yanko Design.