How can you make a French Press better? well you can make the carafe sturdier. You can make the materials locally. But in my opinion the french press is one of the most tasty ways to make coffee. The company Bucket is dedicated to making sustainable locally produced (Local to Portland Oregon ) design objects.

The long and the short of this project is a maple lid, with steel filter and a wool coozy. All produced as smaller scale local suppliers to Bucket itself.

Not bad! Nice look to it. but unfortunately the design has one fatal flaw for me. Price. Local is nice, but it isn’t local to me, I’m on the other side of the country, which diminished the Greenhouse gas savings more than a bit. But I still can’t justify the price. A single Portland press is going to retail for $119.00 I know local costs more. Putting Americans to work is very important, but I can’t justify a $120.00, when you compare it to the more delicate and far and away sourced french press at 20 bucks.

You can’t determine people’s costs for them, but the market could bear a 40 dollar press, or maybe even 50 for real quality stuff. I’m wondering if other versions sans Coozy, or with a different type of lid? I’d love to see this project get funded and the costs come down. What say you?

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