Just a General heads up to my other caffeinated Fiends on the go.    

“To encourage coffee-lovers to try its latest, darkest roast coffee,  7-Eleven, Inc.  is holding  Dollar Coffee Wednesdays  this month, when every size cup of coffee will cost just $1.   The new  Brazilian Dark Roast  is the leading convenience retailer’s richest, most full-bodied coffee to date.

 Made from 100 percent Arabica beans, this premium blend starts with mountain-grown coffees from  Southwestern Brazil, then is roasted dark to create a rich and full-bodied taste.”  

Darkest before Dawn or Anytime.

While I am a huge fan of Great coffee, I realize that sometimes coffee needs to get the job done then move out of the way. And Frankly coffee for a dollar is a good way to get the job done!