England the home of Top Gear and automotive enthusiasts. London, the home of cramped streets and high society. These two are both apparently in dire need of tasty chilled treats. Enter the HMS Flake 99…. Licensed to Chill, with its captain and vendor in chief  Dave Mounfield. A stand up comic with a pension of treats. The truck is actually a floating tasty protest / billboard for the plight of the ice cream truck industry. Down to a fraction of their size from 50 years ago due to restrictions on noise concerns over childhood obesity and other concerns these trucks are a dieing breed, but no one said anything about the rivers! Reminds me of the Silly Monkies Jumping on the bed.

You know as an aside 50 years ago we didn’t have tons of fat kids running around. I’m guessing its a problem with moderation  and  the modern  ingredients  and variants of the old ice cream  recipes. But thats just me throwing ideas around.  The van sponsored by Fredricks, the owners of the venerable Cadbury Brand, the HMS Flake 99 is currently  patrolling  the waters of the Thames in  London  with plans on crossing the channel and heading to Venice for next season! Now if ever there was a city in need of a floating confection store it is Venice!

DVICE–  Daily Mail