Not much else needs to be explained here. You die, eventually. And you get  buried, forever immortalized in a bacon-esque coffin for the low low price of  $2,999.99, by J&D foods.

Here is the thing. if i want to be buried in a bacon coffin, that bad boy better be crispy and edible. I’m talking a real meat  sarcophagus. Tutunbaken ect, ect.

Bacon Coffin

This is a fun looking curio. But for the real deal I want a meat mummy cremated… just think of the fantastic smell. You would think a food company would be able to whip up a little Crispy Goodness, this just looks like someone failed  Camouflage  class in art school.

Bacon Coffin… mmmm bacon in the afterlife. Eternal Bacon

huge h/t to MAS

Bacon Coffin.