Nothing ruins a good grill off like stolen meat. We can all now thank ThinkGeek for making available a meat naming tool. this isn’t like the other brands you have seen, you know for cows, or whatnot. this is the letter press of meat brands… Meatpress?

Either way you too can craft your own scrabble-esque two line missive. My Meat, Back Off, mad Cow Not included? You can shift the letters into whatever you want. How Awesome is that? I wanted to originally get a brand from LL bean, but the limitations of only three letters and beign stuck with that combination forever made me hold off now I can let my creativity run wild. I’m thinking of making insulting meat comments on the steaks… branding my son’s hotdogs just for fun. The possibilities are endless. And the meat is tasty. $16.99 is a small price to pay for something this awesome, i wonder if you can get extra letters?


Go Meat!

ThinkGeek :: BBQ Branding Iron.