chemistry set

Mix and Match Black Tea. from Adagio Teas. Man do I love me some so tinkering. And there is nothing more exciting than experimenting in the kitchen, new flavors new fun. Some winners and some not so awesome results. But this brings the good stuff to the forefront. As Adagio describes it.

Create tasty and eye-catching tea blends  with our unique ‘mix & match’ set. Included are three teas and six colorful inclusions. Combine these in myriad different ways to  produce an interesting mosaic of flavors and colors. Yields about 30 cups of tea, each uniquely yours!


Now who wouldn’t get down with that? I’d love to see it marketed with the full chemistry set appearance though. Alcohol burners for keeping the water warm, test tube rack… Come on guys go for the full boatload of awesome here.


Available in two different configurations. Both Orange and Spice and Ice Cream! Now tell me that doesn’t sound awesome?