Buying coffee from a supermarket is a  truly  scary endeavor at times. And Mike has his tips down pretty spot on, I would only add that the store beans in the see through canisters, are probably not fresh, and have already oxidized since they are open to the air all the time.  But I struggle with my inner coffee snob all the time.

I have a confession to make, well its not a confession since most of my listeners already know, and if you see my basement the cans are everywhere. As a backup plan for whole bean coffee I go through Chock Full O’ Nuts Cans, the flavor is good and usually fresh since the store sells out of them fairly quickly.

I like excellent coffee, but I also don’t have excellent coffee money all the time, especially considering how much of the black stuff I drink.  Rough Calculation would be about 1.5 – 2.0 pounds of coffee a week, at $8.99 – $12.99 per pound of premium that adds up mighty quick, and I have a baby to feed at home. In a Month on premium coffee that means I would spend  $71.92 –  $103.92… on Coffee. with CFoN, on sale I spend  $31.84 a month. I drink the good stuff on the weekends or after a long hard day, but for an extra 70 bucks in my pocket…. whew

I honestly don’t know what it is but the pre ground CFoN actually makes a decent cup of Drip French Press, although gritty. And yes I tried it, even produced a good crema when pushed through the espresso machine.

I even did a blind test inviting people over to make house for a game night and I served them two cups, one with A Colombian Fair trade blend, recently roasted, and Chock full of Nuts… Most people were unable to tell the difference. and both cups were deemed excellent by the friends at large.

I used to struggle with the canned coffee  dilemma, but I would then see supposed coffee snobs rocking the Illy Pre Ground as well, so there has to be a way to do it, and the CFoN people seem to have done it.

Sometimes, myself included, we get caught up in the flavor notes, the  terroir of the beans and the roasting profile. Sometimes an Apple is just an Apple. All I’m saying is if you want a good cup of “Coffee  Flavored  Coffee” that really doesn’t pull any punches and tastes pretty good I put my money on Chock Full O’ Nuts. And no Nuts were harmed in the making of the Coffee.