I get a lot of questions about doing coffee the right way, picking the right beans, brewing the coffee, cleaning the equipment. How to get into coffee, really into it. Basically people want to know what is the good stuff, how to make it at home. They need terms explained, acronyms spelled out and nomenclature and jargon dissected. Sometimes the people who are deeply invested in a topic tend to gloss over the introductory information when discussing it.

This of this series of articles as a breaking down of some of the walls in the hopes that we can bring a few more coffee lovers over to the good side. Hopefully you will find this series of articles a suitable primer for your coffee enjoyment. And perhaps we will win a couple more souls over to the side that favors quality of quantity, without creating a new batch of coffee snobs.

I have previously spoken at length about how I love coffee but still need it to survive. Life is too short to drink bad coffee.