Ok so I’ve been thinking, always a dangerous pastime. But i am now surrounded by people who are much cooler than I am. And they are all “doing” coffee. We have flannel shirts, bow-ties, ironic mustaches. I love good coffee, i’m just not used to being associated with the in-crowd. I don’t dress for style i dress for comfort. My uniform is jeans and a T shirt, if you are lucky the t shirt will have a witty saying. Those are the good days. ¬†With me what you see if what you get. I couldn’t be hip if I tried.


When did this happen? What memo have I missed. Maybe a few tweaks here and there… Somber expression, a neat trim up of the old stache? What say you internet? I know mustaches are kind of a thing now…



All kidding aside, as long as the coffee is good I couldn’t care if you dressed like Abe Lincoln and the hat was an espresso machine. Carry on tragically hip people!