Coffee is a wonderful drink but not all methods of making coffee are equal. One of my least favorite methods of brewing coffee is sadly the most convenient to make. The Keurig. So polar but so many problems.

I brew coffee with a Keurig machine in work because it’s easy and available. I used to have a full coffee station in work, grinder, drop coffee but I’m downsizing my footprint and the new office has a Keurig machine in the common area.

What are the problems with the Keurig? For one the waste. Each k cup is thrown in the trash and while there are biodegradable options most of the k cups are little plastic cups so not biodegradable. So instead of throwing a paper filter and organic coffee grounds in the trash I’m getting rid of plastic. Not fun.

So I limit myself to one cup of coffee in work. I can but a refillable k cup. And I might do that.

The second problem with the Keurig is that the coffee is stale. No clue how long before they were purchased, or ground and packaged, probably months. No matter when you bought it. Nothing compares to freshly ground coffee. Actually nothing compares to freshly roasted coffee then comes fresh ground, then pour ground and finally at the bottom of the list is k cups.

I grind my own beans at night and make cold brew to take with me for the drive in. But when the mood hits in the middle of the day I’m stuck with the Keurig. Frankly I would love to bring in a French press but the problem with cleaning them out is real.

But the real problem with k cups beyond the stale, wasteful, boring coffee is that it’s very weak coffee too. Even if you push the button on the top for strong coffee it doesn’t add grounds to the pod.

So long story short I don’t like Keurigs, but any port in a storm. When you gotta have coffee to get through the day. How do you get through the day?

At least it’s not instant. 😂