Running through the options available in the grocery store lately. I only buy whole bean coffee so I’m always looking for good value. This week we have Peet’s Coffee, big bang medium roast. It was on sale for 6.99, which is a deal but unfortunately it was even smaller than the new normal off 12 ounces down to 10.9. not a fan of this trend.

The place I usually buy my good coffee from, Ocean City Coffee Company still sells coffee by the pound. I’m a fan of that I can deal with higher prices for the same amount of coffee, but when you bump the process and shrink the product it’s anyone and crappy.

So how does this smaller offering stand up? Well I’m happy I got it on sale 10 or 12 bucks for 10.9 ounces of coffee is too much but $6.99 was worth it. The coffee was flavored and medium bodied. Good mouthfeel with a clean back end. The roast characteristics really come through. It was a little nutty with earthy notes. Not a bad cup of coffee. I made it as an espresso and French press. I did the French press both hot and cold brew style. As a cold brew the coffee is complex with heavy nutty flavors. As a hot French press the earthy tones came forward.

As an espresso it was slightly bitter but still good. If it’s ever on sale again I could see myself picking up a bag. But I’m not paying full price for less coffee.