A Caffeinated Salute For the Troops, badly drawn

Coffee is an integral part of a lot of people’s morning, no matter their background, creed, color, or occupation. Coffee has a tendency to start conversation, to make possible a commute, in short it joins us all. So it is natural on Veteran’s day I wanted to post something about how Coffee unites us in supporting and thanking the troops who serve so that we might enjoy that cup of coffee each morning in relative safety. Freedom has a price, and it is paid daily by the men and women of the armed forces. From the bottom of my caffeinated heart I thank you for your service.  

And as many faceted as the bean is there are plenty of ways that coffee is lending support and thank to veterans. First Off for the veterans living in the tri state area of PA, NJ and DE Dunkin Donuts is offering a free coffee for active duty or active military members and veterans, with valid ID. Dunkin Donuts has also announced a program wherein you purchase two 1 pound bags off coffee and a third is sent to the USO

Boca Java has a long running and much simpler campaign called Operation 1 million cups, running since 2003, wherein they offer people the ability to go to their website and buy a bag of coffee directly for the troops. Since 2003 over 6 million cups have been bought and sent to the troops. If you would like to customize a message or note to the troops that receive your coffee you can do so.

There is also Green Beans Coffee which has a Cup of Joe for a Joe Program, which also runs all year long. this program allows you to support anywhere from one soldier to thirty with a monetary donation which goes towards sending coffee to the troops.  This program also  allows  you to include a message with your donation to be passed along to the troops in the field. But ads the neat feature of letting the soldiers respond to you directly after they  receive  your donation.

Just because today is Veteran’s Day and its a bit late to share the joy of coffee today, don’t forget that the holiday’s are coming up, and these brave men and women will be serving on the lines and protecting your right to wear gaudy sweaters and snuggle in tight with your kids.

After their service to this country is done  the Men and Women of the Military go on to a wide variety of careers, and I would be remiss in talking about Veteran’s Day without mentioning the BaristaOnDuty, Johnny Milton. After his service to this country Johnny has gone on to share his love of coffee with the world and bring a very special brand of awesome to micro roasted coffee. So if you are up for a good cup of coffee and supporting a Veteran  owned  business  then head on over and check out some of Johnny’s latest offerings!

If I missed any companies supporting the troops please let me know and I’ll add them in