You know some of these days are hard on my ageing bones. I think a nice spa day would feel fantastic… But how about a  Coffee spa day? In Japan.  Yes that is real brewed coffee getting poured lovingly into the bath.

Holy Cow thats looks fantastic. It’s a whole “theme” park located in Hakone, Japan, with  heavy  emphasis on the theme. Hot springs of every look and feel from Coffee. Coffee Spa… tell your friends. Talk about invigorating.

But wait there is More everything from Wine, to Green tea to… To NOODLE? What in the name of all that is Ramen…

I’d Still try it though. Be sure to head on over the  I Love Coffee  to check out more photo’s I’m a fan of the Wine and Green tea ideas as well. Still on the fence about a noodle spa. Not a fan of things floating in a hot tub….. ::Shudders::