We live in a dangerous world people. If you listen to the news right now we could be  experiencing  natural disasters, global warming, the end of  civilization, political upheaval, and swine flu. Its pretty scary out there. So let me add one more problem to the mix. You’re out of Coffee! Or Your Coffee Maker breaks?

Stop screaming it will be OK, Boy Scout Motto is Be Prepared so i have you covered. I’m going to share my Coffee Survival Plan. Its nothing like a zombie plan, no this one is freely available to all, might end up as a poster, but isn’t yet.

Answer these Questions en Route to Creating your very own Coffee Survival plan.

First Step: Identify the Problem

A.) You are out of Coffee.

Do you have any money to buy more? Can you find enough change to get a cup on the street? Any Neighbors who owe you a  favor? How proud are you? Do you have a secret reserve?

B.) You’re Coffee Maker / Making Device isn’t working

Do you have another around the house/office? Can you improvise?  How proud are you? The answer is always yes to the improvise question.

Second Step: How Low will you sink

A.) I need caffeine give me anything.

After this point you need to identify sources of caffeine in your house, chocolate, tea, cocoa powder and act accordingly.

B.) I’m Willing to chew the beans instead

As long as you can access water and a cup this should never actually happen but seriously folks you can chew the beans, if you have some  chocolate  its even a  pleasant  experience to mix the two.

Third Step: Plan your escape route

A.) Stash coffee around your house and office.

My absolute last measure of defense are these. Hotel Coffee Packets. they are sealed so they are safe, stale as all get out but have enough caffeine to avoid a headache, i’m not proud. I have many lines of defense before this happens, i have instant, preground even coffee stored in the freezer.

Last Line of Defense

B.) Running out of options?

Your grinder broken? use a  plastic  bag and a rolling pin,  mortar  and  pestle, two big table spoons, a burlap bag and a claw hammer.

Your drip brew  carafe   broken? Use a rubber band to keep the stopper open on the basket and a metal pot to sit on the warming pad, remember you are desperate. The entire machine broken? Time for cowboy coffee.

Cowboy Coffee: Not just for the range any more

    1. Pot of water on the stove,bring it to a boil,
    2. Turn off the heat and wait for the  bubbles  to stop
    3. Throw in your coffee grounds
    4. Wait 3 – 4 minutes stirring the mix
    5. add a cup of cold water to settle the beans, a dash of salt to take the oil out and serve with a ladle.

You are now capable of making coffee provided you can find beans and clean water. Its up to you after that. Only you can prevent a coffee  drought  so plan ahead and stash your coffee reserves carefully.