I love traveling with my family and being the coffee lover I am they know what to expect when we see a coffee shop. We are stopping and sampling. I recently visited the Christkindlemarkt in Bethlehem pa at the Steel Stacks.

Wonderful location and a great event. But there was a coffee truck on the premises. Travelin Tom’s Coffee truck was sitting right inside the venue. I had an Americano, my wife had a peppermint mocha and my daughter had a French vanilla coffee. Now this is a good trick so it could be anywhere and it’s a franchise so there are more than the ones I visited. But I feel comfortable in recommending this truck. The American was smooth and flavorful, I drank mine black with no sweeteners and it tasted phenomenal.

My wife’s peppermint mocha was on point and by her own admission better than Starbucks. Now my wife loves Starbucks so this is high praise indeed. It was not too sweet.

My daughter asked if the French vanilla coffee would be sweet or not and the lovely people running the truck Matt and Andrea Russell told her it would be on the lighter end of sweetness so we asked to add some sugar and cream to it. All was good. I like it when people are honest about their offerings and willing to work with the customer to make sure everyone gets what they need.

It was a little chilly so I didn’t get a nitro cold brew but I was sorley tempted. Having that as an option is super fun. So if you’re at an event or random street corner and you happen upon a Travelin Tom’s Coffee truck I say go for it, their coffee is smooth and flavorful and the available drinks and options are plentiful.