Driving around with my wife, I love when we spot a cafe and have a moment to stop. We drove by the White Horse Coffee and Creamery in Jenkintown Pa recently. It was earlier in the morning so we didn’t sample any of the ice cream but it’s nice to know the option is there. The cafe was warm and cozy. Lots of people and a short fast moving line. Friendly staff and lots of smiles. Overall a welcoming atmosphere.

I bought three drinks a cold brew with sugar free vanilla syrup for my wife, a nitro cold brew for me and a double espresso for the road. Whenever I try out a new cafe I always get an espresso. You can tell a lot about the place by the quality of the espresso.

The espresso had a good thick crema on top was silky smooth and awesome. The espresso had notes of toffee and almond. Overall a good espresso and one of the better ones I’ve had recently.

The nitro cold brew was smooth and full bodied. As is always the case with nitro coffee the head on top of the coffee was silky. The coffee itself was great. A medium roast coffee with decent flavor profile. Very roast forward without being burnt or over done.

My wife’s cold brew was a lighter roast and honestly that’s not her favorite she said it wasn’t bad but she likes more of a medium roast and this had a slightly sour aftertaste. I happen to like light roasted coffee it’s just a pity that there was milk in her coffee or I would have switched drinks with her.

I have a couple regrets, mostly because I was in a rush. We parked in a metered spot and didn’t have a lot of change on us so my wife waited in the car. I didn’t check to see if they had non dairy options for ice cream and I also didn’t notice that they sold coffee they roasted. I would have picked up a bag or two. Overall I loved my drinks and think this is a cozy little cafe so I’d you happen to be in Jenkintown Pa and you’re looking for a fun cafe to try I would whole heatedly recommend this place.