I drink a lot of coffee. Sometimes made via French Press, sometimes brewed through a fun espresso machine. Other times ordered out of a big box coffee store. But the one thing coffee hasn’t been able to do for me lately is give me more energy to write about coffee. I can only drink so much. I used to scoff at people who would tell me when I got older caffeine would affect me more, now I see their jeers as prophetic.

Now that I’m over 40 I can’t partake in mass quantities of coffee at all hours of the day. So as I reduce the frequency with which I drink coffee I increase the quality I do drink. I’ve been enjoying my Christmas present from my lovely wife of a year of coffee from Atlas Coffee Club. Each month a new local. Each month a taste adventure. Not a bad month yet. So when I run through the pound of coffee I get sent every month I’ve been partaking in some wonderful Ocean City Coffee Company blends and roasts.

All of this is to say you need to understand what your body can do and work with it. I might not be able to drink pots of coffee at a time but I can still enjoy the good stuff when I get it!

What are your limitations with coffee? Is there a time of day you can’t drink it after, an amount you can’t go over?