Let’s be honest you don’t always have the means or  ability  to make good coffee while you’re in work. More often than not you have the communal coffee pot, the harbinger of doom and bacteria that usually gets boiled down to the last barely recognizable sludge or charcoal. I don’t know how many times I get asked about methods for  cleaning  a coffee pot, ways to get better coffee out of substandard  ingredients, ect. For the record the best way to clean the office coffee pot is a vinegar and water solution run through the machine, and then a round of clean water after the fact. To clean a grinder a batch of white rice run through and then brushed out gets most fo the oils from coffee cleaned. This  is  an office environment do you really want to have tons of cleaning supplies laying around just for your coffee pot?  Wouldn’t it be that much simpler to just let someone else do the work and provide better coffee?

Enter  Wilkes Group Vending  as a solution. They have a whole host of coffee and beverage related vending services available. They offer everything from Cold and Hot beverage services to healthy snacks and fresh food. Who wouldn’t like to outsource the communal coffee pot and replace it with something along the lines of a Neva Bean to Cup? I for one am not a fan of having to settle on the same beverage choices as everyone else in the office. I like my coffee strong, black and hearty. While other people like their sugar with a side of coffee. A beverage vending solution enables both parties to be happy and also provide for the tea and cocoa contingency as well.

In general vending  services  can save you significant time and money in the long run. And with the number of options available just in coffee alone your choices are almost endless, you can go from a free standing soda machine  coffee dispenser to one that is more ecologically minded. They even have options that use  your favorite mug to dispense the hot bit of joy and productivity into. No more  Styrofoam  and paper if you go that route.  I’ma big fan of trying to reduce the overall amount of trash that gets produced by my coffee habit so having the options to use any one of my favorite mugs is a huge plus to me.  Personally I’m a big fan of the 16 ounce size cups, not too much of a small serving man. And a good vending solution can accommodate both types of people.

I’m all about simplicity and automation. When the choice comes down to having to give the office coffee pot one more  scrub down  because someone left the burner on, cleaning mold out of the basket because someone left the grounds in the chamber, or having a machine provide fresh coffee  every-time  you can bet I’ll be headed to the vending machine. There is a place for true artisan coffee, and I’ve come to accept that there is no way to make that happen in an office. It needs to be quick, good and hot.

Disclaimer: This post is a  Sponsored post, the words and statements all reflect the independent views of The CaffiNation.