But really who doesn’t?

You owe it to the men, women and people in general in your life to focus on good coffee. Life has many ups and downs, there are things you can do to level the playing field. One of them is by learning how to make a good cup of coffee. I have a vested interest in this topic, being a father of one with a second kiddlette on the way in mid july, I’m trying to look out for myself here too.  Consider this bite sized coffee information.

Quick Tips for making good coffee:

No matter the type of brewing you are going to be doing, drip brew, pour over, espresso, single serving, cold brew, do it well with these simple tips.

  1. Use good water, clean and hopefully free from minerals, hard water makes for bad coffee.
  2. Grind then brew. buy a cheap grinder, When possible buy whole beans and grind as you use.
    1. If you have a single serving machine, buy the attachment that lets you grind your own, it is worth it.
  3. Always use fresh. If you coffee is older than the current lunar month its time for fresh. Either drink more or buy less.
  4. Avoid artificial flavors: Most  flavored  coffee is figured out in a lab by mixing chemicals together. If you go with flavored at least use natural. I’m personally a coffee flavored coffee kind of man myself

Want to learn about Buying Good coffee? Check back next time.