But really who doesn’t?

You owe it to the men, women and people in general in your life to focus on good coffee. With all the terms and marketing speak thrown about in the coffee world I’m going to help you by cutting through the junk to get to the information. We already learned about simple tricks to make a good cup of coffee, now we need to pick the best coffee for the job. I have a vested interest in this topic, being a father of one with a second kiddlette on the way in mid july, I’m trying to look out for myself here too.  Consider this bite sized coffee information.

Quick tips for buying good coffee:

Dark roast, light roast, medium roast,  French,  Vienna, the terms that are thrown about in coffee sales boarder on  criminally  confusing. Roasts,  Origins, acidity, caff or not to caff… I’m going to hopefully try to demystify this for you.

  1. Roast: is how long the bean has been cooked. On a scale from light to dark a common roast scale
    1. Light, Cinnamon, Medium Light, American, City, Vienna, Dark, French, Italian
    2. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone says that the coffee is French roast flavor…
    3. Second Pet peeve, Espresso as a Roast, an espresso is a blend,
  2. Origin: Where the bean comes from, African Coffee is  usually  Bold and fruity, South American Coffee is usually  Mild and Spicy  and Island coffee is usually much  more  bold and can be either  earthy  or fruity
  3. Darker the roast the less  likely  you are to see the  flavor  of the  origin, So Don’t pay premium for burnt coffee.
  4. There are two types of coffee, Arabica, and Robusta. Most big chains blend both.
  5. Arabica is smoother and more subtle  flavor  wise
  6. Robusta is bolder, has more caffeine, and much less flavor variation
  7. Pay for the good stuff, its worth it, to an extent. don’t sweat not being able to afford the super expensive, but shelling out 9 – 12 bucks for a bag
  8. Home Roasting: Trust me if you love coffee, I mean LOVE it then you owe it to yourself to research and try it.