Electronic Drink Caddie for Golfers somewhere  Rodney  Dangerfield  is getting some respect, probably with a little twist of lime. I can’t help but to look at this and think CaddyShack.All its’s missing is a sweet radio and a golf club launcher.

Coming in at the bargain price of 99 dollars this real looking club has an insulated container capable of holding 54 ounces of pure joy hot or cold variety. While I’m not a golfer per say, unless you count mini putt) I do appreciate the need to stay properly hydrated. And in the case of real golf, its probably a nice way to pass the time, throwing back libations. All the while looking for an exceptionally tiny white ball on a large green course.

If somehow they made one of this style of device but for fishing I would be all in… Oh wait they do it’s called a thermos.