I am running on EMPTY this week people. And by empty, I mean drained, dying, someone put me to bed and wake me in like, a month. I’m too tired for any sort of caffeine. I mean it. Coffee doesn’t even sound palatable. It’s that bad. Although, just for spite, I downed four shots of espresso this morning for the pure heck of it. Effect = zero. It’s only Wednesday, which is pretty depressing for me. But, while glaring at the evil screen mocking my attempts to work this afternoon, I did a little Googlicious search. Yeah, I did it. I queried “weird things that have caffeine.” And lo and behold. There are plenty of weird things that have caffeine. Most of them, which is simply fantastic, are available in foodie form. How many of them I’m going to try is yet to be determined. But you know, just in case I’m not the only one dying this afternoon, or at least curious about random places to eat your caffeine, your welcome.

Biofuel Popcorn (Seriously, no joke.)

I’m not even kidding, it’s called Biofuel Caffeinated popcorn. 1 pumped up bag has approximately 150-200 mg. Energizing sugared-up carbohydrates comin’ right up.   Paul saw it first though.

Energy Breath
(Say Whaaat?)

Kissy kissy with a dose of caffeine for good measure. 33 mg of caffeine in one spray (1/3 cup of coffee), and since it gets absorbed straight from the mouth, you don’t have to fight stomach acid for that precious jolt, which means faster effect! One of these zippy little 8 ml containers has 1,400 mg of caffeine. Yikes! Coming to you in both peppermint and cinnamint.

Water Joe
Don’t like the flavor of coffee? (Heathen). Some don’t, okay okay. Well, if you can’t drink your coffee and you don’t wanna eat your coffee, then drink your water up. Yup. Water Joe has the same caffeine equivalent as a cup of coffee. And hey-a, ya’ll coffee people, you could brew your coffee with this special water…


Stay Puft! (The World’s Finest Caffeinated Marshmallows)

I actually don’t even know what the caffeine level is in these things, but the name is awesome, the box licensed by Ghostbusters and you get 24 at a time. Shucks.

Perky Jerky

Gosh I wish I’d come up with this stuff on my own. Isn’t it brilliant? If you need some salt and beef, then why not eat it with a dash of caffeine? Well, guarana to be exact, a stimulant with twice the caffeine that coffee has. Go for “Perky Jerky – The Action Packed Snack.”

In Need of a Snack in the Face, per Chance?

Sign me up!   Caffeinated cookies and brownies right here with 200 mg in one oooey gooey bite of chocolatey goodness.     Your choice of chocolate chip or sugar cookie if you’re not a brownie fan.

I’m off to find a smack in the face, probably literally.


Freelancer Tara Alley usually writes about coffee because she’s addicted to it.   But at the moment she’s mixing things up and talking all about portable air conditioners.   You know, like to cool down after a hot cup of coffee.