While technically I’m pretty sure all Hibiscus flowers are eatable er I mean edible these creations from thinkgeek sure do look sharp. Are they ridiculous, yes. As they neat looking… well yes.

Are they Tasty? Possibly. Here is the thing, Hibiscus Tea, or rather the Hibiscus Herbal Infusion people commonly call tea is a lovely light floral scent and taste. These plumes are  actually  dipped, coated and soaked in sugar and water to make them candy too! So you will probably taste more sugar than anything.

You can do this with more than just Hibiscus, at home! One of my favorite classroom experiments when growing up was to make candy flowers. We would pick American Violets from the schoolyard, and Mint Leaves from a garden. Wash and dry them. Then we would dip and soak them in a mix of egg white and fine sugar. After you dip and set the flowers in their desired arrangement you just let them dry. and Voila! Candy.

Some Orchid’s are even edible too. There is an entire world of stuff you can eat. But always ask a grownup…