Now I loves me some good heat, spicy hot food is one of my favorite things to cook and eat. but there is a line where the heat and the pain meet. For me I have been told the line is a bit higher than most people. I really like hot food, If I’m not sweating under my eyes when I’m eating your “spicy” dishes then it is false advertising.

I have tried Ghost Peppers… it is not something I remember with fondness. The heat is less a heat and more of a chemical burn. It is searing and unforgiving. If you want your mouth to experience the depths of despair then try  a pint-sized flake of ghost pepper… The name alone is enough for me. This is a pepper you cook with, and you don’t sprinkle over things… at least things you want to taste later.

ThinkGeek :: Ghost Pepper Chili Flakes.

Want a better Idea? Ghost Peppers or  Bhut_Jolokia or Naga Jolokia are right at the top of this pretty chart from Right under Pepper Spray.