I’m always on the lookout for new coffee roasters to try. I was at the Christkindlemarkt in Bethlehem Pa recently and one of the vendors was Hrysek Farms. The coffee being ground smelled fantastic so I just had to try it.

I bought the Papa New Guinea coffee, it is a medium roast and with a warm brown color with very little oil on the beans. The coffee smells amazing like dark chocolate with bits of dried fruit.

The flavors are nuanced, while the bag says dried fruit and spiced chocolate I didn’t get any spiced notes when I was drinking it. I brewed it in a French press, I’ll try it as an espresso later on. I got more of a dark chocolate bits when brewed both hot and cold.

As a hot coffee the brew really shines. The flavors are bold and wonderful. So if you are looking for a new roaster to try I would suggest giving Hrysek Farms a try.