Summer has been here for a while in the Northern hemisphere. Now it’s August days are stinking hot, and by stinking I do mean that there is a reek. And in the world of coffee that Reek is iced coffee, and the state of coffee news in general. You see I’ve been doing this show for some 5 years now, 5 summers of the same stories, the same complaints.

No one in their right mind wants to talk about Coffee the tasty hot beverage in the summer. I am not in my right mind so I’m excused.

If you’d like to find out how to make iced coffee the summer stinks of articles all saying they have the magic secret to giving you iced coffee. You want the secret break apart the term and ad those  ingredients  together you put ice in coffee, drop the mic and call it a day. No contest for  recipes, no  convoluted  systems for making good iced coffee. Make good coffee and add Ice to it. To simplify my recipe, Here you go

I have reviewed some products which make cold brewed coffee, this isn’t the same, but often gets confused. And While I like Cold brewed coffee it doesn’t change my tune. Every year in august I get irritated by the same stories getting rehashed and retold, the same commercials about how refreshing a milk and sugared up cup of fat floating in a beverage, which doesn’t remember it was supposed to be coffee. Those drinks are not refreshing, they might be sweet, and cold. But not refreshing. A real cup of old fashioned Iced tea with a bit of lemon is refreshing it leaves the  palette  clean.

So I long for the days when days are short and news of coffee and tasty hot beverages once again dominate the charts. So what about you? Have you had it up to here with coffee news for the summer, or have you found something to refresh your own palette?