A Japanese ad agency was faced with a client trying to reinvigorate their business after the devastation of the 2011  earthquake  and tsunami. They sold Nori, the delicate seaweed wrap that surrounds several  different  varieties of Sushi. The ad agency   I&SBBDO    decided to produce a simple and elegant layout by cutting patterns into the nori with a lasercutter.

The patterns are symbolic of different ideals. Good fortune, happiness, longevity and so forth. The wonderful food shown after that has a stunning  appearance. All I can say is I know what I’m trying to make this summer!

Beyond all the cool factor, how neat is it that an ad agency found a way to make a  square piece of seaweed interesting, and beautiful. My hats off to the ad team, and best of luck going forward to the  company.

Designer Nori: Delicate Laser Cut Seaweed Patterns | Jeannie Huang.