So if Luke SKywalker is Roughly 5'6" tall, then this would be what he would look like standing next to a cup the size they are going to be using. But if this was real the lightsaber might be green, you never can tell with the Jedi

So in a neato marketing stunt is attempting to break the Guinness Record for largest cup of coffee at the Blogworld Expo on October 15th. The previous record is 911 gallons, this record attempt will be 2010 gallons. That. is. a. lot. of. Coffee. In Fact, it is roughly thirty two thousand mugs of coffee for normal people. Probably about 5 or 6 mugs for me…

All kidding aside the logistics of this alone are incredibly interesting. I’d love to see some pre production images of the mug or the amount of coffee going into it. I’d also love to see the 2,010 gallons of coffee be Fair Trade coffee, especially since October is fair trade month. I mean what better way to spread the word about the good that fair trade coffee does for the people who grow it than to make one big ass cup of coffee.

All is not for naught though there will be an  opportunity  to sample part of the cup of coffee, and donations will be given to the Susan G Komen fund, which is nice.

Some of the details given out:

  • The brewing will begin at 4 a.m., Friday October 15 and should take 4-5 hours, brewing  approximately 250 gallons per hour.
  • It will take  two 60 Amp 208 Volt Three Phase power  supplies and  two directly plumbed water lines providing 3 gallons per minute
  • Making the brewing process take roughly  89,305 times the amount of coffee needed to brew your standard  8oz cup of coffee
  • The 2,010 gallons of fresh coffee will be brewed into a 8×8 foot specially constructed coffee mug
  • The Coffee will be a 100% Colombian Arabica blend. No robusta in this mug
  • There will be three different dispensers, Dark Light and Sweetened, that’s pretty nifty as well

Ryan Abood the CEO apparently has a record breaking Bug, and the budget to bankroll his interest. Last year the company rocked out a record breaking Cupcake. MMMM Cupcakes, how big of cookie would you need to dunk into a cup of coffee this big? I’m guessing 6 feet across… no less.

Anyone going to the event or planning to be at Blogworld Please send in your pictures I’d love to show them.

Update: was kind enough to send us a shot of the mug… Whoa!