Since the time when people started drinking coffee there has been one subtle problem. The heat of the coffee seems to rapidly  disappear  when the mug is left  unattended. Everyone has come back to a cup after an important phone call or a quick client interaction only to find a tepid mug of lukewarm coffee waiting. For some people this isn’t a problem, yours truly for one. Coffee as a utility is fine at any temperature. I’ve tried various mug warmers and they all only perform mildly ok.

There is just something to be said about drinking the coffee when its hot, or not messing with a good thing. Enter the Plug Cup. It has a specially attached heating element in the bottom of the cup with a plug on a swivel. good idea in concept but how safe do you feel with your coffee hovering over your power outlet, yes it has a lid, but all it would take is one in a rush parent and snap crackle pop. If it was a special docking station watertight I could give it to them.

There are a couple of neat features, one of which being the heating element detaches from the mug to make for easy cleaning. And a switch to turn the mug on and off, but the proximity between coffee and electric will always make this a no go for me. How do you think?

Plug Cup – Single Plugging Cup for Tea and Coffee by Dong Hun Seo, Geun Hyuk Yoo, Ki Sang Yoon & Yune Jae Bang » Yanko Design.