Trekkies rejoice, the blue magic known across the universe as Romulan Ale is now available from Thinkgeek for the low low price of 14.99 per six-pack. not a bad price if this was microbrewed Romulan IPA, but alas this is an energy drink. take off the silly ears after you get a couple of these in your gullet you aren’t going to so much as want to relax with a cold one but rather clean the holodeck. As a small aside the dude in the picture above is creeping me out, something fierce.

Why didn’t some enterprising brewery work with the fine folks at Roddenberry? it isn’t as if we wouldn’t expect the product to be alcoholic, its called Romulan ALE.

So now at least Sad Simpson Duff Beer fans have a rival in energy drink almost but not quite win

Duff Energy Drink?