Time for a Happy Father’s Day everyone.And  Oscar Myer… Just gets it.  It’s time to show the people responsible for half of bringing you into this world with the gift that keeps on giving? Sliced, cured, salted pork, ready to be fried into dog treats for humans.

There is almost no smell on the planet greater than cooking bacon. Except of course, maybe that first whiff of coffee in the morning.

These gift boxes come with some trinkets in case you miss the bacon. A money clip, a multitool, or cufflinks.  Sayitwithbacon!  I say always go for the multitool… it will let you open the bacon. And then you could call it your bacon knife. Bring me my bacon knife!

Has a nice ring to it don’t you think? I’m not a money clip guy, but those cufflinks also look nice… Hmmm Bacon, Choices, Bacon… Bacon…. BACON!

Give Dad The Gift Of Fancy Boxed Bacon Because, Bacon.