I love coffee mugs. First of all when it comes time to get the job done they do it up right. Simple form and function. But to me each one of my myriad of coffee mugs tells a story. Some are good stories.

This mug is one of the two mugs I got on my first Father’s Day. No my kid didn’t draw that, a precocious 8 months old prodigy he wasn’t. But still it means the world to me which is why I keep it in work. No accidental drops from the counter by less than careful children. And every time I reach for this mug on a rough day it makes me smile. It’s worn, it’s dirty half the time (Washing mugs in work with energy efficient crap faucets is a pain) but it is also the only mug I won’t lend out. Do you have any mugs that make you smile?  When it’s time to coffee up you have to smile.

Coffee Up!