Drinking and preparing coffee isn’t always the most sustainable pastime. From K-cups to single-use cups for take-out beverages, there is a lot of waste in the coffee world. One designer Scott Amron came up with a brilliant way of reducing some of the clutter associated with coffee on the go, The stir stick. Whether you use the most bio-friendly wooden ones or the horrible for the environment plastic straws you only use this product a single time and then you throw it away. Scott thought about a way of stirring any drink in a cup without putting anything in the beverage.

And he invented the Stircle. A spinning cupholder that spins clock ways and counter clock ways to stir the liquid within. And by making the cup holder a standard size almost any beverage fits snugly. Hot or cold this is a new way of getting your spin on. Watch Scott’s video below for a deeper dive into the process.

The breakdown on Scott’s website says that one Stircle could stir about 50,000 cups of coffee at a negligible cost. When weighed against the cost to produce, package, ship, and distribute the coffee this is a phenomenal savings.