A little background. In the  Italian  city of  Naples  a tradition from tough economic times is making a comeback, and spreading. It’s called Caffè Sospeso, which is  Italian  for awesome strangers… Or rather Suspended Coffee. a person having a good day, or finding themselves in good circumstances pays for two coffee beverages, and only consumes the one. The barista on duty keeps a log of the paid-for beverage on file. Anyone down on their luck, having a bad day, or in need of a pick me up,  can poke their head into the shop and ask if there is “anything suspended” If there is such a beverage the new patron is invited in to share the black gold.


The article from  NPR  talks about how this custom is spreading. and investigates the socio-economic reasons behind this. how Coffee is considered a staple and right in Italy, and how the kindness of strangers can brighten  anyone’s  day. I love that this is spreading. I love that there is actually a network of  different  cafe’s around that you can pay for coffee in one and have it served in another. I love coffee people. And i hope you enjoy this story.


There is so much negativity floating around that a nice heartwarming story as simple as a cup of espresso slide down the bar to person having a bad day seems fantastic.

Coffee Up!


PS Many thanks to the kind friend on facebook who  originally  shared this story with me! Coffee people are good people.