Tea is a wonderful beverage, and here at the CaffiNation we support Tea in all of its wonderful forms. However the penultimate tea experience is loose tea. if you enjoy tea, and have never had a cup of tea brewed with loose leaves you are doing yourself a disservice.

There are a great many  different  ways you can prepare the tea but infusers are pretty simple gadgets. This particular concept submitted to  Yanko Design by Dr. Hakan Gürsu. The T-Easy seems to be just that, an easy to clean portable tea infuser with a graduated container for the leaves. As the article does mention these graduations only really matter for particular types of tea since the floral varieties (not really a tea then is it… Its an Herbal infusion)

The thing that impresses me the most about this gadget is the extra thought that seemed to go into the constructions. You can tell the designer enjoys a good cup of tea every once in a while. So What say you? do you have a favorite infuser / tea gadget that you use?

T-EASY – Tea Steeper by Dr. Hakan Gürsu for Designnobis » Yanko Design.