16th Century Monks living in Germany had a couple crazy ideas. one of which being their idea of a good fast for Lent was abstaining from solid food and drinking nothing but beer for 46 days…

I’ll let that sink in. Nothing but beer and water for 46 days. Enter a more modern man J Wilson, who decided to give the test a go. So he did his research as not just any old Coors, Bud Light or  Guinness  would do. The monks brewed a special beer just for this occasion a Dark and Unfiltered  Dopplebock. Reason being the beer was loaded with vitamins and hearty enough to help sustain him.

How did he do? Well he made the full 46 days, lost 25 pounds, which considering he started out underweight probably was not a good thing. But the story is an interesting one. While at first you read Beer Diet you think… Hey i could do that. And then you go on to read how pretty much all health professionals involved tried to convince Wilson to do otherwise, and the wasn’t loosing fat here people, he didn’t have that much to begin with. No he was loosing muscle mass his body was consuming itself to  survive… Kind of scary. So I’ll stick with my  occasional  good brew. For the full story check  The Beer Diet – MSN Health & Fitness – Healthy Living.

Not a Dopplebock, just tasty