Apparently, the 12-cup standard drip coffee maker just isn’t cutting it for everyone anymore.   In fact, if you’re bored, I suggest you go Google “weird & wacky coffee makers.”   If nothing else, you’ll probably start craving a new shiny coffee maker.   Maybe it’s just me, but generally I just want coffee.   Good coffee.   Coffee that is not burnt, is not skewed on the water/coffee ratio, and is hot.   Oh, and fresh.   And flavorful too.   Really, that’s not all that much to ask is it?   Surprisingly, it’s really rather difficult to find.   And then, you throw at me coffee makers and coffee mugs that look like they could conquer the world.   Do I need one of these guys?   Will I start dreaming about taking over planet earth if I buy one?   Or, will my coffee taste better?   I dunno.   But, dang it, they do look cool.   And, heck, some of them do look like they could at least solve my own life problems, if in fact they won’t take over the world.   Don’t believe me?

Well then, how about this guy:

This, my friends, is the BeMoved coffee machine.   A motion sensitive machine that can be programmed to make you dance for your coffee.   You know, like “No caffeine until you burn those calories, fool.”   But it’s also got a touch screen, so you can drag in the ingredients you’d like, including type of coffee, sweetener and syrup.   And, while you’re waiting (or dancing)   it’ll provide you relevant traffic, weather and stock information for that effort.   Star Trek anyone?

If you’re not up for dancing for your coffee or playing “Shoot Em Up” (yes, you really do “get” to play this with the BeMoved) but still wish to have your coffee drinking connected to, say email, stock market, weather and traffic, well then you’re probably in need of a touch screen coffee maker, yes?   But of course.   Who isn’t?   Introduce the Yuno PC.   Take a sip of coffee and then browse the local traffic report.   De-stress and then stress? Or something like that.   It does have comics built in, and coffee and humor do go together…

But, then, before I dash off to discover more weird & wacky coffee machines, I did tell you some had the potential to take over the world.   Interested?   I bring you the Saeco Etienne Louis.   An espresso maker with spikes.   Apparently modeled after the medieval mace, there’s no denying this guy is meant to pack a mean punch.

Coffee for drinking, or coffee for conquer.   What’s your pleasure?


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A bit of a coffee fanatic, Tara is a freelancer currently writing alongside Coffee Home Direct.   For more weird & wacky, watch her on Twitter @hopesiempre.