I like making coffee  almost  as much as I like drinking coffee. Which I guess is helpful, but the problem with loving coffee is that you need to be able to repeat the results for company. Now I previously posted 5 tips for making coffee for company. Please consider this an update. Secrets on making coffee people will love.

Choose the right coffee: Coffee comes in many  different forms, between roasting level and blend.    You aren’t trying to find the one perfect coffee, but rather a coffee everyone will enjoy. So hit for the middle of the road.

1.) Avoid Dark Roasted Coffee, Especially   if you aren’t familiar with the roaster. More often than not a dark roasted coffee can taste burnt and bitter to some people. So in striving for a middle ground go with Medium or city roast.

2.) Blends! Here is the cheat sheet. African coffees are usually bold  flavors, South American Coffees are usually earthier, and if you are picking coffee from an Island (Jamaican, Kona, Sumatran) Just go with that coffee, don’t go for a blend, and your guests will thank you.

3.) Get Whole Bean!   Buy a  grinder  let it do the work, store the coffee in a cool dry place, not the freezer, or the fridge. A Mason Jar, or a  Canister  on the countertop is a good solution. The Bag is not your friend. If you know you are having company grind a helping of coffee before they get there, no its won’t be at peak freshness, but the speed at which you produce the first cup is important

4.) French Press: Not only does the process look impressive, and smell fantastic but the cup produced is unmatched, save for espresso in its ability to make almost any coffee really shine.  Grind the coffee coarse to reduce the sediment in the cup, and have all the fixings nearby. I usually suggest to have the guests try to coffee black first.

But lets be honest the  secret  to good coffee isn’t in all of these tricks. its in repetition, if you can make yourself a cup of coffee that makes you want to stop what you are doing sit down and enjoy the sip. Then you are doing it right. Coffee has a job to do, it wakes most of us up in the morning, it refreshes us when we are tired. but if you don’t know your way around the apparatus then you are just making coffee. You aren’t enjoying doing it. I think this calls for some practice.