May the 4th be with you! Today being Empire awareness day and all, I thought it proper to include a rather offbeat little recipe directly from the Sith Lord Himself, George Lucas. Ok there is next to no evidence the Lucas had anything to do with this recipe but we can always Hope, it wouldn’t even be a New hope. But It might just be a Phantom Menace.

The Dark Side might have cookies, and a good PR agent in Thinkgeek, but the Rebel  Alliance  has fought back with Wookie Cookies! While the recipe is pulled from a cookbook, which is no longer in print we can only hope that these cookies taste as fierce as Chewy looks.

But as an aside I would probably make the Wookie Cookies some sort of oatmeal cookie, just so they could you know… look like a wookie, even a slight bit. It does seem to be that these cookies are just Chocolate Chips, semi sweet, like the prequels.

One Day I hope we can witness the power of a fully operational Star Wars License, but for now we’re left with a rather  disappointing  substitute. | Time to Bake Wookiee Cookies.