The entire internet is built off of interoperability. You post in one place content gets shared elsewhere. I post this article to my blog and it shares on Facebook, Twitter, and several other networks. Or at least it used to. Twitter dropped integration with Instagram a while ago. but there was a workaround. You could use IFTTT (If this then that) to share the post to Twitter with an image. it didn’t help build followers on Instagram but it got the job done by sharing content out there. With Twitter’s recent changes to their API pricing, other companies are dropping support for Twitter or putting it behind a paywall. I’m not in the market to add new subscriptions to my life right now. If anything I’m trying to eliminate subscriptions. I like free services, when they transition to paywall-driven sites I have to draw the line.

I’m not getting any revenue by sharing my daily drawing on Instagram and Mastodon. I just enjoy it. the more people who interact with the content the better I feel about sharing it. If someday I get a real commission from posting works online then maybe I would consider upgrading. But for right now I’m not making any money and I’m not spending any money.

I don’t know what other people are thinking of the recent changes all it does is make me use Twitter even less now. I’ve been on that site since 2007, I have over 37k tweets. Maybe it will mean sharing more of my art on other sites. maybe it will mean I share it less. I’m trying to keep the streak alive. I managed to do a drawing every day last year and so far I’ve been able to do it this year as well.

The other interesting thing about Twitter changing its API is that WordPress articles are no longer going to be automatically shared with Twitter in the near future. It seems like the social media network is just doing a fine job of killing itself by limiting the way things interact with it. I guess I’m not the target demographic. I’m not going to pay to be verified on Twitter and I’m not going to pay for API access. So all they can get out of me is to hope I click on an Ad. And judging by the types of ads I have been seeing on the site lately good luck with that.