By the Time this has been posted April Fools day will be almost over in the US, and take with it a bevy of silly and awesome pranks. I decided to give you a quick run down of the awesomeness that was, and tell a quick tale of my own. I’ll post in bold any Rick Rolls, I promise. Not know what a rick roll is? I posted on it once before, about a fine Gentleman recieveing the first ever In Real Life Rick Roll, but thats ancient history now. Now is the early spring day when people make merry, and some other complain. I look for victim less pranks here people.

  • I thought something might be fishy, but according to wired,   Youtube Rick Rolled Everyone who clicked on a featured vid got this instead.
  • ThinkGeek as always didn’t fail to disappoint.   USB Pregnancy Tests, Pii Brothers, among many others.
  • In the UK the BBC pulled out an old commercial and fooled and confounded people all day with Penguins in Flight
  • Blogger Tim Street pulled a video expose exclusive and committed to his rick rolling
  • Google, specifically Gmail rocked the house with an awesome Custom Time setting on email
  • Two little Caffeinated goodies Thinkgeek had Spazztroids caffeinated cereal, and the old favorite Caffederm!
  • Oh CafePress sent out a dating service email as well…
  • Sad thing is nothing from Slashdot, who at one point when Pink, my little pony style LAST year

By the By the best thing about the ThinkGeek posting is that they always repost old favorites as more products. PC EZ bake oven indeed

On to me. I decided to send a little rick rolling of my own. I sent a serious email of my own to my former boss indicating that the students had posted a scathing review of our current printing pricing, and that i wanted to let him know about it. Rick Roll included…

It didn’t end there, no my mild mannered friends, sensing something was amiss, but not wanting to miss a serious issue he forwarded the email to HIS superior , without clicking the link.   That gentleman being the concerned person he was clicked only to have his browser hijacked by this particularly nefarious link. DO NOT GO HERE You have been warned. You had to do it didn’t you? I figured i wouldn’t make it a clickable link this time. I got a call shortly after that from that very same gentleman crying in laughter asking me how to turn it off. TWith that link you need to wait until the end of the song.

So after that was done, The first gentleman clicked the link as well. Both of these guys sent it along to other people… My devious plan worked very well. And to top it off,   I sent an email to another coworker of mine who I had previously afflicted with this TELLING him it what it was and it still got clicked… 1 target carefully selected, and two innocent bystanders, with one email. I shudder to think how many more were affected. All in good fun. I’m sorry guys… :-D

Hope you had a happy and healthy April fools day, please write or call in with some of the pranks you pulled or heard of today.